Monday, May 20, 2019

Let's Catch Up.

Hello guys! Please ignore the date on my last post, because I am too embarrassed about how long it has been since I posted on here! Let's catch up!

I am going to get real real with you guys here and just share that my mental health recently has not been great. I usually wouldn't share this, but I am trying to be more vulnerable with how I feel! It has been a tough few months! I have had a decent amount of heartache since January and I have not been feeling the the most creative, to be honest! I lost my Grandpa and my Uncle Will in the last few months and it has really taken a toll on me. I honestly have been in such a dark place these past few months, I kinda am surprised I am starting to feel better. These two losses, and another heartbreaking loss that my company experienced, have brought up a lot of pain and fear from my past experiences and has really pushed me back a few steps on my journey to happiness. I am working on my mental health more these days (thanks to therapy and medication), and I think I am starting to finally feel creative again. I hope that this venerability helps you and please reach out to me if I can help you in anyway! :)

Here is a quote that I love by Brene Brown - a friend at work introduced me to her, and I have been trying to listen to her guidance more.

Aside from being a bit down in the dumps, I have also been working super hard at my job. It honestly has really helped pull me out of my rut sometimes and gives me purpose! Did I tell you guys that I do Merchandising at in their Jewelry & Accessories category? It is super fun! It has been quite busy there, and that has been pretty good for my brain, honestly!

While it has been a bit difficult to stay upbeat and happy like I want to be, I did have an opportunity to recharge on another trip to Europe! I am so so blessed to have this opportunity and I always feel so great when I am there! My husband Michael has been such a great support to me, and I am so lucky that I have had him through all that I have gone through & am going through. It was so nice to getaway to Europe with him and to just enjoy it all together.

I also have so so many cute pictures to share, and hopefully I get them all out to you soon! I want to finish sharing my first Europe pictures (and the history topics I have planned) with you guys first! On this last trip, however, we went to Belgium and the Netherlands! It was amazing! :)

With all this stuff going on, I have only had barely enough time to create content for my Instagram! If you haven't checked that out in awhile, here is a link. I have been doing this color themed feed thing and it has been super cool to create, but also a bit stressful and exhausting!

But honestly, I am so so sorry that I have been slacking in my posts! I will try to get back to sharing weekly! Life has been hectic, I haven't really been myself, and I hoping that things are finally slowing down for me! I have a few fun things coming up & a lot of things to share that I have been neglecting all this time! Hopefully you guys will forgive me, lol!

As always, I am open to any blog topics and would love for you to comment below! :)




  1. Love this post! Thanks for being vulnerable. <3

  2. You are so brave for seeking help and for sharing your pain and fears when that can be so hard! Love you ❤️

  3. Great post Caroline!!! Love you! (Missed this when you posted)