Monday, December 17, 2018

The Origin of the Christmas Tree

Hi! I haven't posted in forever, and plan to get around to finishing my Europe posts! While it is the holidays, I have decided to post some of my holiday themed posts first and post my other ones later! I apologize if you wanted it the other way around, but I just haven't had time with my new job! :)

So, let's talk about fun Christmas trees! :)

Christmas Trees have been around since the 16th century, where they were first used as decorations inside homes in Germany. Germans would decorate Christmas trees in their homes, and then also would have them outside in town squares. 

Also, rumor has it that Martin Luther was the first one to light candles in Christmas trees, because he wanted to replicate the view of starlight on the leaves of pine trees. 

When German families came to America, they brought this tradition with them. They did this mostly in Pennsylvania, where the German population was bigger. For years they were the only ones using Christmas trees because Christian Americans associated this with Paganism. 

Finally, in the 1840s, Christians came around to the beauty of the Christmas tree and they adopted the practice (thank goodness)! Since then, Christmas trees have been apart of the holiday tradition! 

Also, along with America adopting the tree - Queen Victoria did as well, and was possibly the one that made it popular!  Her and her German husband Albert, had a sketch done of them in front of a Christmas tree, and that really solidified the Christmas tree in the history! 

I went to a tree lot with my cute friend Brittain and loved taking pictures with these beautiful trees! It smelled so good and I loved how beautiful the different kinds of pine trees were! I didn't realize how many kinds there were until I was walking around the lot! :)

What kind of Christmas tree do you use? Real or fake? I grew up with fake but now do real ones in my own home! I love the smell, but hate the mess! I have been loving having my tree up in my house and it makes me so happy every time I walk by! 



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