Tuesday, June 12, 2018


This is probably the one hundredth time that I have decided to create a blog and if this one doesn’t stick, I don’t think I will do one again, haha! Anyways, I have decided to dedicate this blog to the mixing of art history and fashion. Since I finished my bachelors degree in art history last year, I have really missed researching about art. So I have decided to incorporate that into my blog. I want this site to be informative and inspiring. I want to research about fashion history and then share what I have learned in relation to trends or pieces in my wardrobe that I love. I will also be sharing images of artwork, often, that relates to what I am discussing and sharing some background on that as well. What I post will not just be things I find off of wikipedia, I plan to read and research for each informative post that I make, and provide a works cited for people who want to learn more. I think it will be a really fun experience!
  To start out, I am just going to introduce myself and share an artist that inspire me. When it comes to me, I am Caroline Ferrell (pic of me above in front of a beautiful Clyfford Still painting at the LACMA), a graduate in Art History and Curatorial Studies from Brigham Young University. I currently live in Utah Valley with my husband, Michael, and our dog, Sasha. My husband currently works for an awesome tech company here and I am currently just working on this blog! Currently, we are planning our trip to Europe. We are going to France, Germany, and Austria in the end of September. I  am really excited to see the art in Paris, and we are gonna be there for part of Paris Fashion Week! This is gonna be Michael’s first trip to Europe, so I hope it will be absolutely amazing and I am sure it will. Honestly, if I could live in Europe… I would in a heartbeat! IMG_0516 I think who is inspires me is constantly changing. At the moment, I really love the work of Sonia Delaunay. Above, you can see a photo of me in front of one her piece, Portuguese Market (1915) at the MoMa. I was really excited to finally see her in NYC when I was there for grant research trip! Sonia is a talented artist and fashion designer. She was one of the first women to meld together the worlds of fashion and art and created some of the coolest pieces. She was so talented and her love for color is something that I really admire. sonia.jpg That’s kind of all you need to know about me at this point, and I imagine that more will be shared in the future! I know that there are A LOT of blogs out there, and I hope that it will be fun for you to read one that has a little bit more to offer than what I am wearing and eating each day… haha. Not that those are bad, cause I love those blogs! xoxo Caroline Chic Historique

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