Wednesday, July 11, 2018

San Francisco!

Along with having art & fashion history posts, I still wanna have more personal and fun posts as well. I am going to post about traveling and other things like that as well and will have my posts categorized so you can filter it if you don’t want to see personal posts. IMG_6014 Anyways, Michael and I went and visited family in NorCal a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! We first stopped by his parents house in Sacramento and then drove down to San Francisco to meet up with my brother Brandon and his wife Kate who live in San Jose. Michael and I love San Francisco. We went there a few times while we were dating and Michael, and I guess me a bit too, is a big SF Giants fan. So we usually go to a game when we are in town and that is what we did! We met up with Brandon, Kate, and my darling niece Ruby for a game. It was so so fun. Ruby, who is not even 2 yet, actually enjoyed herself at the game! I was impressed. The Giants won, of course, and we had some of the delicious nachos they serve at the games.   [gallery ids="66,67" type="rectangular"] After the game, we all went and got ice cream at Mitchells ice cream, Ruby really enjoyed the ice cream and loves to beg for more hahaha. This ice cream place is fun because they have a lot of flavors - but you gotta be patient because the wait is long. They even have you take a number and they call you when you can come up to order. Which is actually nice because then they let you take as long as you like to test the flavors - which is my favorite thing about going to ice cream places. I got baby coconut and raspberry. SnapseedIMG_9735 Once we finished with ice cream, Brandon and Kate took Ruby home and Michael and I went to explore SF a little bit before it got dark. Michael has a really cool cycling team called Team Feral Catz and so we wanted to get some pictures of him in the kit while we were in the city, so we took some in the hilly areas, which honestly is a workout for Michael cause he had to ride up and down them for me to get any good shots. Then we went to this really pretty area more on the top of SF called Billy Goat Hill, and my oh my the view was beautiful. I took some photos of Michael and then made him capture a few of me, I earned it because I had to walk up those hills taking photos of him hahaha. I really like the way the photos turned out! Usually when I go to SF, I try to go to an art museum. We didn’t have time for it this time,  but went to the SFMOMA the last time we were there and it was so fun. I can’t wait to go back! "Anyone who doesn't have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me." - Anthony Bourdain. Xoxo Caroline P.S. I was gonna do a post on the history of San Francisco but felt that people would be bored by that… would that be something that interests you? Let me know!

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