Sunday, July 29, 2018

Carmel by the Sea



While visiting my brother, Brandon, and his wife, Kate, we decided to drive down to Carmel (by the sea, of course) and it was so fun! There was a lot of wind, which I don't think anyone loves... but it was so pretty and the streets were so cute.


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We did a few things while we were there. Of course, we went to the beach. It was cold but Michael showed me those little digging crabs and we had a lot of fun digging for them with Ruby (my niece). She was sooooo interested in them and wasn't even phased by touching them. Little kids are weirdly brave.



 Ruby is so cute at the beach, since she was born in SoCal, she is a total beach person and lives for it. She didn't even mind playing in the water with Brandon even though it was so cold. She started to cry when we would try to take her away!



 After we finished up at beach, we went and explored the town. Of course we went to the cottage of sweets (how could we not???) and then we went and to a cheese shop. This place had so much good cheese and the employees were so sweet! They were offering so many cheeses to try, and we even ended up buying some (maybe that's how they get ya, but i don't mind!). We found this cute little alley and I had to have Michael snap some quick pics! I wish Michael would have fixed that hair that is decided to go rouge, but oh well! Don't you just love my kate spade new york bag? Every time I use it, I get a little sad thinking about her being gone.... she left behind a legacy. After we explored a bit, we decided to jump over to Monterey and get dinner there. We went to random place we found on yelp (basically my most used app behind instagram). The place was called Frutti De Mar Grill and it was amazing. I got the cheese ravioli, cause ravioli is life, and the rest of them got fish dishes. I didn't try their fish cause I don't care for much fish, but they said it was amazing and I trust their tastebuds. All in all, the trip was super fun. It started out a bit rocky, i will never forgive the wind, but then it was super fun in the end!


p.s. if you are interested in my pants or shirt, there are some links. I love the shirt because it is so comfy and has a sweet message and the pants are amazing (I can't find the same exact ones, but these ones are similar). I do wish that brandy melville was a more inclusive brand.....



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