Sunday, July 29, 2018

Carmel by the Sea



While visiting my brother, Brandon, and his wife, Kate, we decided to drive down to Carmel (by the sea, of course) and it was so fun! There was a lot of wind, which I don't think anyone loves... but it was so pretty and the streets were so cute.


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We did a few things while we were there. Of course, we went to the beach. It was cold but Michael showed me those little digging crabs and we had a lot of fun digging for them with Ruby (my niece). She was sooooo interested in them and wasn't even phased by touching them. Little kids are weirdly brave.



 Ruby is so cute at the beach, since she was born in SoCal, she is a total beach person and lives for it. She didn't even mind playing in the water with Brandon even though it was so cold. She started to cry when we would try to take her away!



 After we finished up at beach, we went and explored the town. Of course we went to the cottage of sweets (how could we not???) and then we went and to a cheese shop. This place had so much good cheese and the employees were so sweet! They were offering so many cheeses to try, and we even ended up buying some (maybe that's how they get ya, but i don't mind!). We found this cute little alley and I had to have Michael snap some quick pics! I wish Michael would have fixed that hair that is decided to go rouge, but oh well! Don't you just love my kate spade new york bag? Every time I use it, I get a little sad thinking about her being gone.... she left behind a legacy. After we explored a bit, we decided to jump over to Monterey and get dinner there. We went to random place we found on yelp (basically my most used app behind instagram). The place was called Frutti De Mar Grill and it was amazing. I got the cheese ravioli, cause ravioli is life, and the rest of them got fish dishes. I didn't try their fish cause I don't care for much fish, but they said it was amazing and I trust their tastebuds. All in all, the trip was super fun. It started out a bit rocky, i will never forgive the wind, but then it was super fun in the end!


p.s. if you are interested in my pants or shirt, there are some links. I love the shirt because it is so comfy and has a sweet message and the pants are amazing (I can't find the same exact ones, but these ones are similar). I do wish that brandy melville was a more inclusive brand.....



Thursday, July 26, 2018

Seven Magic Mountains

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While in Las Vegas, you gotta take a detour to see the beauty that is the Seven Magic Mountains. It is completely free, and really cool. I love installation pieces that are part of nature and this one is so unique. Michael and I went to Vegas for fun a few weeks ago just to let off some steam. It was a much needed break that included pool time and food food foooooood. I think I just travel for two reasons - art and food. Those two reasons were basically the main attraction of this tiny trip.

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 So let's dive into those two parts of this trip. The art part, as you can probably guess, was Seven Magic Mountains. When I first saw the Seven Magic Mountains all over instagram, I wasn't really sure if it was gonna be all that I hoped for. It was super hot outside and there is no shade, besides the shade the rocks give, and it is in the middle of nowhere. That being said, it was more majestic because it was surrounded by nothing. The contrast between the bright colors of the rocks and the natural brown tones of the earth is cool to see. Here is a video on how the whole thing was made, and it is awesome. You gotta go see it soon because it won't be up forever!
"Visible across the desert landscape along Interstate 15, Seven Magic Mountains offers a creative critique of the simulacra of destinations like Las Vegas. According to Rondinone, the location is physically and symbolically mid-way between the natural and the artificial: the natural is expressed by the mountain ranges, desert, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop, and the artificial is expressed by the highway and the constant flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas." -  Seven Magic Mountains Website
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 Now, the second reason is food. Before every trip, I spend so much time looking for places to eat. Before i even have a trip planned, I even have collections on instagram building up of different locations. I follow pages like insiderfood and constantly bookmark and save so that I am prepared for my next trip. For this trip, I knew that I needed to go to this place that sells cotton candy burritos. I love cotton candy and I love ice cream and those are the two main ingredients to this dessert. The place we went to was called Creamberry, and I was not disappointed.

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look at how amazing that looks! It tastes so good too. I got birthday cake ice cream with sprinkles and fruity pebbles. Am I a kid? yes, when it comes to dessert. It was a messy and magical dessert and I will be going back when I am in Vegas again. So this trip to Vegas was super colorful and I am not mad at all! til next time! xoxo Caroline

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

San Francisco!

Along with having art & fashion history posts, I still wanna have more personal and fun posts as well. I am going to post about traveling and other things like that as well and will have my posts categorized so you can filter it if you don’t want to see personal posts. IMG_6014 Anyways, Michael and I went and visited family in NorCal a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! We first stopped by his parents house in Sacramento and then drove down to San Francisco to meet up with my brother Brandon and his wife Kate who live in San Jose. Michael and I love San Francisco. We went there a few times while we were dating and Michael, and I guess me a bit too, is a big SF Giants fan. So we usually go to a game when we are in town and that is what we did! We met up with Brandon, Kate, and my darling niece Ruby for a game. It was so so fun. Ruby, who is not even 2 yet, actually enjoyed herself at the game! I was impressed. The Giants won, of course, and we had some of the delicious nachos they serve at the games.   [gallery ids="66,67" type="rectangular"] After the game, we all went and got ice cream at Mitchells ice cream, Ruby really enjoyed the ice cream and loves to beg for more hahaha. This ice cream place is fun because they have a lot of flavors - but you gotta be patient because the wait is long. They even have you take a number and they call you when you can come up to order. Which is actually nice because then they let you take as long as you like to test the flavors - which is my favorite thing about going to ice cream places. I got baby coconut and raspberry. SnapseedIMG_9735 Once we finished with ice cream, Brandon and Kate took Ruby home and Michael and I went to explore SF a little bit before it got dark. Michael has a really cool cycling team called Team Feral Catz and so we wanted to get some pictures of him in the kit while we were in the city, so we took some in the hilly areas, which honestly is a workout for Michael cause he had to ride up and down them for me to get any good shots. Then we went to this really pretty area more on the top of SF called Billy Goat Hill, and my oh my the view was beautiful. I took some photos of Michael and then made him capture a few of me, I earned it because I had to walk up those hills taking photos of him hahaha. I really like the way the photos turned out! Usually when I go to SF, I try to go to an art museum. We didn’t have time for it this time,  but went to the SFMOMA the last time we were there and it was so fun. I can’t wait to go back! "Anyone who doesn't have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me." - Anthony Bourdain. Xoxo Caroline P.S. I was gonna do a post on the history of San Francisco but felt that people would be bored by that… would that be something that interests you? Let me know!